Friday, November 10, 2017

Ever wondered why the taste of freedom fades into oblivion the moment it is leased and bounded by rules? the constant need for approval from others and the fear of taking risks stifles you from within...
Fitting into the perfect puzzle of society ,acts like a washing machine that cleans u up...rinses u and wrings out each bit of originality and passion from you..
There is something really beautiful in being raw..uncouth and untamed.your untamed spirit keeps u awake in the darkest of the nights and alerts you of the myriad possibilities that the world has written for you.
Truth be told, following your untamed spirit means living for yourself, seeking the invigorating challenging experiences of life, its stepping out of the comfort zone and taking full responsibility of your life and striving to attain that last piece of freedom that you always desired to taste.
Your untamed spirit chases you to realize your deepest darkest desires,chases you to fight for your life and happiness, chases you to be the one that you want to be rather than sitting in a stagnant pond trying hard to fit in to the societal norms dictated by others
So,Let your spirits run wild, be untamed and alive and taste the sweetness(or bitterness) of freedom, passion and life.